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January 08,  2021

I had another off day.  Not a lot off, just a little.  Fortunately the part I was playing, the violin 1 of the Fodor Quartet first movement Allegro, really isn't all that hard.  There's one rather tricky section in the middle when the piece modulates to Eb and the violin plays double stops, but overall recording this part was more of a focus challenging rather than a technical challenge.  It may go without saying, but the main melody is incredibly important and the violin is playing it just about the entire time in this piece.


While I was recording, it felt like the last piece snapping into place.  The still empty spaces in the recording filled in and the melody thread tied the entire movement together.   


It went pretty quickly, though we did spend a decent amount of timing on the double stop section.  Tricky as it is, I comforted myself on how brutal a time I would have had on my violin; with no frets and a bow to worry about, this section would have been a nightmare.  


When we listened back to it in it's entirety, now with all the parts on it, I was kind of stunned by the implication:  Mike and I are potentially the first people who have heard this quartet in a really, really long time.




01/08/21 - 2 hours

Fodor Quartet Violin 1 Allegro   COMPLETE

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