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HMWT Episode 3 - Nicholas Roberts "Stand on My Shoulders"

I first saw Nick play at Matt Tonner's birthday party a few years ago.   He was really impressive.  Turns out we have a mutual friend and I ran into him again a few months later at a Halloween party where I introduced myself and we shot the breeze.


Shortly afterwards I bought his full length album the "Rest of Our Lives" and ooh boy, it's a good album.  I recognized I think three of the songs from the birthday party show; it's a good sign about the quality of a song when on a first live listen you think "damn that's a good song" and then you immediately know it when you hear it a second time.


The songwriting and lyric work on the entire album are top notch.   I ultimately leave it up to the artist to choose what song we do, but in this case I suggested either "Stand on My Shoulders" or "Rest of Our Lives," the former because I thought I could adapt the glockenspiel sounding riff at the beginning easily to the mandolin and the latter because it's my favorite song on the album.   


We went with "Stand on My Shoulders", and when we rehearsed, he hadn't played it in a while.    I had done my homework and In a reaction that amused me, Nick seemed a little surprised that I pretty much knew the whole song cold.  


Recording went pretty easy, I think we only did two takes and we went with the first one.  When Nick was warming up, Mike turned to me and said "Damn, he's got a great voice.  You know how to pick 'em."  Indeed I do, Mike.  Indeed I do.  


Nick is a really prolific songwriter, releasing a single a month for over two years.  He's shifted into more electronic-pop songs which are pretty universally excellent and he's had several songs licensed for TV on Netflix and MTV.  Definitely give him a listen.

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