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HMWT Episode 4 - Amanda Lyn "Steal a Kiss"

This one is a bit of a departure from my other collaborations as I wrote the music for this song.   After I decided I was going to play support for Amanda in late 2017 I started to listen to 50's rock and rockabilly songs to learn some covers that she knew and overall mesh with her style and sound.


I bought the Rockabilly Guitar Bible and started learning the songs on guitar and adapting what I could to the mandolin.  (I play bout 85% mandolin with Amanda.)  


I decided I wanted to try to write a 50's rockabilly type song and honestly I cranked this one out in about an hour.  There's a lot more 7 chords in it than I usually use when I'm writing to give it the right feel.  


We had played this several times in rehearsal and maybe twice live when we went into Dreamwalker to record this version.   I had not worked out the solo yet, so I basically winged it in the studio, which is something i absolutely do not like to do.  But it turned out well enough that it is pretty much the exact solo I played on the song from then on.


It's one of my favorite songs of ours to play live and Amanda sings it really well.  (She sings everything really well.)  This is the rare HMWT collaboration song that you can easily hear live.  Just come see Amanda and I play sometime when the apocalypse ends.


Historical side note: Amongst ourselves we also refer to this song as "French Fries" but I will not be divulging why.

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