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Recording 01/22 - Righting My Wrongs

Today I just wanted to touch up some sixteenth notes sections of the Fodor Allegro where the Violin 2 and Viola are doubling / harmonizing with each other. When I listened to the initial recording I did after all the parts were on, I heard five sections where the two parts were still slightly out of phase (i.e. fwamming) even after the adjustments we made on 12/17.

I brought both instruments to the session because I couldn't tell whether the mandolin or mandola (or both?) were the culprits.

We zoomed in on the sections and solo'd the mandolin and then the mandola and listened with the click on. Turns out it was the mandola was still behind the mandolin on the beat.

(It's a big "note to self" that I have to pay much more attention up front next time I track something like this.)

First we tried to see if by doing little micro adjustments to the timing in ProTools (what Mike had hear referred to as the "white boy nudge") we could correct it. It didn't take too long before I decided to abandon ship and just re-record the mandola.

Recording long 16th note runs on mandolin style instruments can be a little challenging in the lowest register because of the doubled strings. Your pick speed and control have to be such that you sound both strings as close to simultaneously as you can or you're going to get fwamming on just one instrument. The lowest strings are thicker so it's easier to accidentally do this self-fwam than on the treble strings and the Fodor quartet drones are all on those strings.

I re-did the mandola, making sure to stay toward the front of the beat. After that it snapped into place and I didn't need to do the mandolin. There's still a couple of places that it wobbles slightly, but I'm not sure anyone who doesn't already know where they are will hear them, especially after we mix the volumes correctly.

At least I hope not....

We spend the last bit of the session making some small timing and volume adjustments on the Minuet and Trio section to make my life easier when I go to do the violin 1 part next week. The part is really difficult so I don't want to get distracted by any little off parts when I track it.

Fingers crossed.


01/22/21 - 2 hours

Goal: Status

Fodor Quartet Viola Allegro touchup COMPLETE

Fodor Quartet Violin 2 Allegro touchup Unneeded

Fodor Minuet-Trio Initial Mix COMPLETE

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